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My name is  MOHAMMAD ROHID SAFI and my Father Name is  Shall Mohammad, I was born on  5, may, 1988. My birth place is Laghman – Afghanistan.

I do Speak Multiple Languages such us Dari, Pashto, English, Urdu and a little bit Arabic, I have started my Education aboard in Pakistan till class 6th elementary school and finished my 12th Grade in Abdul Hadi Dawi High School. I have got degree of Bachelor Computer Science in Khana e Noor University. Read more 

From my young age I was in love with Technology  and I was so keen to learn about Computer and how dose a computer work. there for I have dream to become one the best software developer in my country.

I have done some specialized courses in IT related field many years ago,  current I have vast knowledge of C++, C, Python, Java Scrip,  Visual Basic Read more.

I have started Serving my country After I graduated from High and my first Job was Computer Operator in Proctor and Gamble Pvt Company in 2007 and Currently I am working as a IT & Database Manager in Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission. Read more 

Currently I live in: Yakatooth district 9th Kabul Afghanistan

 you can contact via phone : 0093 785 414 248 or via email : sroheed@gmail.com

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